Are Moonmats from the Moon?

Moonmats are not from the Moon although they do have an out of this world look and feel which is how they got their name.  Moonmats are made from the same high quality, closed cell, memory foam that is used to produce earplugs for the US Military and are made in limited quantities each year directly correlated with their production requirements.  

How can I utilize Moonmats here on Earth?

Moonmats are great for camping, exercise, pet beds, furniture padding, kitchen mat, picnicking, bed pad, star gazing, beach pad, sound dampening, pickup truck bed, sexual safety, bedroom floor mat, protection for fragile items, children's playroom, automotive work, behind counter or booth, customized padding and anywhere you want comfort!

Are Moonmats made in America?

The company that produces the memory foam, the company that processes the earplugs for the US military, and MoonMats are all American owned and operated businesses.

What precautions are there regarding care of my Moonmat?

Moonmats are made form a high quality memory foam that is temperature reactive. Meaning Moonmats get more "squishy" the warmer they get and the "firmer" the colder they get.  As such if Moonmats get extremely cold (below 40°F) they will become brittle and can more easily break.  To ensure the longevity of your MoonMat only use in conditions above 40°F.  MoonMats are safe to be stored in freezing conditions and thawed before use.

What is the best way to clean my Moonmat?

Moonmats are best kept in as clean of an environment as possible as being a repurposed product they were not designed to be cleaned easily.  Moonmats are best kept safely protected inside one of the two sizes of protective slip covers.  The slip covers are easily removed and machine washed while keeping the Moonmat(s) inside free of the majority of the ware and tear from the outside world.  Minor scuffs may be wiped with a damp cloth while dust may be vacuumed out from the Moonmat's craters.  In extreme cases Moonmats can be hosed down or even lightly pressure washed but must be dried thoroughly in the open air to prevent mold or moisture issues.

What are normal tooling marks I can find on my Moonmat?

Moonmats are 100% repurposed and sometimes have tooling marks that include tears, scuffs, and random unpunched holes that do not effect the durability or functionality. See below:


What material is the Moonmat made from?

Moonmats are re-purposed from the same high-quality, hypoallergenic, closed-cell PVC memory foam which is used to fashion earplugs for the Department of Defense.





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