MoonMats Protective Space Cases

MoonMats protective Space Cases are designed to hold 1 or 2 full-size MoonMats flat and as the name implies, help keep your MoonMats protected.  The covers are made from a durable polyester fabric that is both machine washable and dryer safe.  Each cover features one side with a high resolution image of the surface of the Moon and on the other side your choice of our two Hubble space images or an out of this world artist collaboration.  MoonMats protective Space Cases have an opening on one of the shorter edges with an oversized internal fold to keep your MoonMats securely in place.

Price List
1 MoonMat Case  $50
2 MoonMats Cases ($10 Savings) $90
*MoonMat Case will fit 1 or 2 MoonMats*

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