What is a Moonmat?

The Moonmat is a revolutionary new utility mat with a wide variety of uses!

Moonmats are re-purposed from the same high-quality, hypoallergenic memory foam which is used to fashion military grade earplugs.  The mats are extremely comfortable and malleable; conforming to your needs regardless of the application.  Moonmats are also durable, lightweight, and easily transported with dimensions of approximately 112cm x 145cm.  Moonmats have color reversible sides, each side displaying one of Moonmats’ out-of-this-world colors: Ostentatious Orange and Stellar Blue!

Great For



Pet Beds

Furniture Padding

Kitchen Mat


Bed Pad

Star Gazing

Beach Pad

Sound Dampening

Pickup Truck Bed

Sexual Safety

Bedroom Floor Mat

Protection For Fragile Items

Children’s Playroom

Automotive Work

Behind Counter or Booth

Customized Padding

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